Choose Life/Movie tip: Trainspotting 2

It’s 1996 and the cinemas are hit by a new movie based on the book from Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting. They’re young, wild and addicted. The story follows more than just a saturday party full of unprotected sex and dirty needles. It’s a tale of growing up as a working class kid and finding your place… Continue reading Choose Life/Movie tip: Trainspotting 2



Easy & Fast Vegan Dinner: Tofu with Vegetable Rice

This recipe takes just about 10-15 minutes and the dish is really delicious. You’ll need Tofu (I used tofu with almonds), soy sauce, Chinese Five Spices, garlic, rice, chinese vegetamix and curry powder. The portion is for 2 people. Slice tofu horizontally on two Use soy souce Spill some soy sauce on both parts. You don’t have… Continue reading Easy & Fast Vegan Dinner: Tofu with Vegetable Rice